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About Earth Auger Kenya

As a leading supplier of earth augers for sale in Kenya, we champion for our customers to get nothing but the very best quality products. We complement this with offering unparalleled customer support for our clients. Our earth augers are built to penetrate the ground quickly and are particularly well-suited to tough Kenyan soils. Augers are a must have for anyone who needs to dig multiple holes in the ground, whether it's to sink fence posts or to plant trees.

Our Earth Auger Machines price list

Honda GX35 Earth auger 1.5hp (comes with 200mm bit) - Ksh 56,000
Honda GX50 Earth auger 2hp (comes with 200mm bit) - Ksh 65,000

Surtec P35 4 Stroke Earth auger 1.5hp (Comes with 100mm, 200mm, 300mm bit) - Ksh Ksh 50,000
Surtec P50 4 Stroke Earth auger 2hp (Comes with 100mm, 200mm, 300mm bit) - Ksh Ksh 56,000

Hawking 2 stroke Earth auger (Comes with 150mm, 200mm, 250mm bit) - Ksh 32,000
HawkKing 4 stroke Earth auger (Comes with 150mm, 200mm, 250mm bit) - Ksh 36,000

Rhino GX35 4 stroke Earth auger (Comes with 100mm, 200mm, 250mm bit) - Ksh 37,000

Loncin 2-men earth auger machine (comes with 200mm bit)- Ksh 65,000

Auger Bits
100mm - Ksh 3,000
150mm - Ksh 3,500
200mm - Ksh 4,500
250mm - Ksh 5,500
300mm - Ksh 6,500

Auger Extensions
400mm - Ksh 3,000
600mm - Ksh 3,500

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Our Location: SMK Business centre, Enterprise Road Nairobi (2km from GM)

How Earth Auger Works


  • Power type: Single Cylinder, 2 stroke, air cooling
  • Displacement: 52cc
  • Engine Carion Measurement: 730x380x380mm
  • Drill Diameter: 150mm/200mm/250mm
  • Net Weight: 14kgs
  • Drill Length: 700/800/900mm
  • Drilling Speed: 286rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L
  • Rated output power: 1.75kw

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Choosing The Best

Earth Auger Kenya

An earth auger is an important tool for projects that require a lot of holes to be dug on the ground for instance when fencing. Earth augers are also called power augers when they are powered. Power augers use an internal combustion engine or electric motor. However there are also manual earth augers which are rotated by hand.

How to choose an earth auger

If you are in the market for an earth auger Kenya then you might have found that there are different types in the market. Here are some tips to have in mind when choosing an earth auger

Power - earth augers come with engines of different powers usually between 2HP and 5HP. The stronger engines are best suited for hard soils.

Type of engine - There are two types of engines used in earth augers - two stroke engines and four stroke engines. The four stroke engines are best because they are low maintenance and high power. They do not require a mix of oil and fuel to run as the two stroke engines do.

Depth capacity - the other consideration you need to have is how deep you want to dig. To be able to dig deeper comfortably then you should have a powerful engine. Also, earth augers come with shafts or bits of different sizes. If you want to go deeper than the shaft that you have, some earth augers allow use of extensions to increase the depth.

Diameter of the bits - earth augers come with bits of different diameters from 2” to 14.” This diameter affects the diameter of the holes you can be able to make.

Types of earth augers

The earth augers for sale in Kenya can be categorized into the following types; One man auger - as the name suggests this earth auger is designed for use by one person. They have a lightweight and ergonomic design that allows easy use by one person. Usually these are run by the two stroke engine and can make 2” to 12” holes.

Two man auger - this auger is designed for use by two people. The auger packs a punch and can be used for deeper depths and wider holes on hard soil. These augers usually have the four stroke engines and are more powerful and bigger than the one man augers. This auger is ideal for projects where too many bigger holes are needed.

Hand auger - these are small augers suitable for use in home gardening and tasks where small holes are needed. They usually have 2” to 8” bits. They are lightweight, easily portable and inexpensive making them ideal for home use and DIY activities.

Why buy your earth auger from us?

There are many earth auger suppliers in Kenya, but what separates us from the rest? Here are some reasons why you should consider us;

Best quality products - We only stock the best quality earth augers from the best international brands. When you purchase from us you can rest assured that you will be spending your time working and not fixing the machine.

Unparalleled customer support - we continue to offer lifetime support to our clients to ensure that they are able to get the best from their investment. Whether you need repairs or want spare parts or extensions, we are always there to answer your questions and help you every time you need us.

Availability of information - we have made it extremely easy for you to access important information you might need about earth augers on our site. You can find the features, product descriptions and everything else that will make your shopping experience easy and seamless. We also have a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers on our team always ready to give you the information you might need.

Soil Auger Price in Kenya

When buying an earth auger in Kenya, the price is a major consideration for many. We are able to offer our clients quality products at the best prices by selling directly without involving third parties. We have also adopted the use of the internet by selling through this site to keep running costs down and ensure we get our quality products to people in the country and beyond and the best prices.

When you purchase an earth auger from us, you can rest assured that you will enjoy our services and our prices. Browse our site to learn more about our products. Contact us for more information or to place your order.