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How it Works

An earth auger is basically a drill that is used to make holes in soil. They are also referred to as power augers when they are power operated although they can be manually operated too. They are available in different sizes and can be operated by one person or two people when the auger is big. Earth augers cannot be used on rocky surfaces or cemented floors. They should be used directly on soil.

The earth auger has a shaft with a steel boring head and coiled teeth that screw through the earth bringing the soil up to the surface. As the shaft rotates, the coiled cutting blades dig through the soil cutting it and pulling it up to the surface as it rises up the coils. The earth auger uses the same mechanism in the drills used to bore holes on wood and other types of drills.

The auger can come as a standalone tool used on its own or it can come as an attachment that can be fitted on tractors and other machines. The earth augers come in different sizes. Small sizes can comfortably be operated by one person while bigger sizes are designed to be used by two people. Earth augers are usually powered using diesel or petrol just like other common power tools such as power saws and drills.

Before using the earth auger it is best to have ear and eye protection. This will ensure your safety as you work with the earth auger.