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How do I choose the right earth auger?

You should have the following considerations in mind when choosing the earth auger.
• The diameter of the hole to be drilled
• The depth of the hole to be drilled
• The ground type on which you are drilling
With these factors in mind you can be able to choose a drill that will be the right size and have the best power for your uses.

Where can I use the earth auger?

An earth auger can be used on soil and clay. For hard surfaces and rocks then you will need an earth drill with tungsten bits.

Will you train me on how to use the earth auger?

Of course. When you make your purchase with us then we make sure that you know how to use the earth auger effectively and safely. We also have after sales customer support to ensure that you get the best out of your investment.

Are spare parts for the earth auger available?

Yes. Our products are common to many farmers and users in the country because spare parts are readily available. You can get spare parts directly from us or from local suppliers near you.

How competitive are your prices?

When buying an earth auger you want to get the best value for your money. We are direct suppliers of earth augers to clients just like you meaning that you are not dealing with third parties. As such you get quality products at the best prices